Building Structures: How Successful Nations Broke the Loins of Extractive Systems.

Many Nigerians worry about the sloppy growth of the nation, we at the same time compare Nigeria to nations like America, Britain, Germany, Botswana, and Rwanda. These are nations that are economically stable. Researchers like Daron Acemoglu and James Robinson attribute the success of these nations to their ability to build sustainable structures. That is, …

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Fear !!! Fear is the beginning of failure.Fear never makes one to achieve good things.Fear leads to depression and anxiety.Fear reduces one’s self-esteem and confidenceFear is called phobia.Fear is strong, It is an uncontrollable and unpleasant emotion.To overcome fear, one needs to be disciplined.One has to change one’s thinking;One has to think positively.Try to shift your …

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The Engagement Ring Fantasy.

Flashback Thursday, have a wonderful and exciting read.

Fisayo Writes

He walked her in, she was surprised to find her close friends at the reception, deep inside she mumbled, “What’s happening here?” She kept on mumbling these words as she followed Kola’s move, “Hmm… I can’t seem to understand this” she looked straight down the hall then she shouted, “Titi, you are here? I expected you to be in school receiving lectures, what are you guys up to?” Suddenly, she and Kola found themselves at the centre of the reception, Kola knelt down on one knee proclaiming the usual saying, “Will you marry me?”  Tolu became calm and speechless although in this motionless state Tolu was trying to inspect and to thoroughly examine the quality of the ring, she wanted to be sure that it was the same kind that she had always dreamt of for an engagement ring. On her return from her self-enthused inspection then without restraint nor…

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